Frederik SjölundName: Frederik Sjölund.
: 1983
: Stockholm, Sweden
: 3D Artist
: Cubase 6.5 (Soon 7.0)
Hardware: Core i7

Favoirte Music:

It has always been hard for me to have any kind of favorite music. Mainly because there is so much great music out there.

So instead of having a specific favorite, i have chosen a favorite genre. The genre is Soundtrack. Yes, its a pretty wide genre and that may be the very reason it speaks to me the most. So many styles fits this genre.

Apart from having a favorite genre, i also do have some favorite composers.

  • Hans Zimmer

  • John Williams

  • Harry Gregson-Williams

  • Michael Kamen

  • Basil Poledouris

  • Jerry Goldsmith


My Music:

I enjoy making all sorts of Music. Orchestral music being the main interest. However i do a lot of electronic music aswell as rock/pop and such.

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